If you’re considering or ready to change your facility’s existing lighting system, we’ll field evaluate your existing lighting system and create a highly efficient, cost-effective, customized solution to vastly improve luminance with a high-performance Eclipse® LED lighting system, significantly enhancing practical optics and visual comfort.

We are very skilled and knowledgeable about the technical aspects of lighting and the numerous lighting systems available. We are also highly proficient with computerized photometrics analyses to estimate prospective light levels. This process helps determine luminaire placement, height, direction, and lumen capacity, all aspects that play a pivotal role in designing, engineering, and configuring light systems for indoor and outdoor facilities.

We have also developed high-quality, modular component systems that integrate flexible LED circuits into spaces in order to meet the high expectations and needs of our customers. Going above and beyond, we designed a wide range of extrusions, covers, end caps, fasteners and other accessories that allow for adjustments and customizations.

With our wide range of accessories for mounting, sealing, conducting electricity, and of course our proprietary Eclipse® lighting fixtures, we plan and provide many design options for retro-conversions, reconfigurations, or new installations. Passionate about lighting and energy efficiency, our innovation-minded staff is constantly developing new designs and evolving our system components based on market research and feedback from many of our customers and representatives.

Our Eclipse® LED lighting systems are engineered to :

Our LED lighting solutions can reduce a facility’s energy usage by well over 62%.

Eclipse® LED fixtures eliminate nearly 4,000 BTUs per hour in passive heat gain compared to 1,000-watt metal halide lamps.

Green Arc is experienced and equipped to design, configure, and install any LED lighting system for many types of facilities:

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